Hashtag Writer

I’m a writer.

I get paid to write.

I used to write in a fancy office in a fancy building. I used to report to a boss and collect a bi-weekly check and attend company lunches.

Now I write on my couch which happens to be right next to the little home office I put together but never use because I don’t have to. I’m my own boss. My checks come whenever my clients pay me. My “company lunches” are usually still pizza, though. Not much of a change there. Except I get the whole pizza to myself.

Before the fancy office writing job, I was a Production Associate for a pharmaceutical company. I edited the S.O.P’s (Standards of Operations) sometimes. But mostly I made drugs (while wearing a super sexy lab coat and lovely latex-y smelling latex gloves).

Before that…I had a string of whatever jobs and wrote poetry and short stories in my free-time. For zero money. My friends thought they were good though.

Before that I spent my adolescence and teen years writing angsty little poems and stories while dreaming of the day I’d become a famous author and poet. Bless my little heart.

Pop quiz: When did I become an real writer?

Answer: I don’t know.


Nor do I care.

I just am.





One thought on “Hashtag Writer”

  1. This alone is proof of your fantastic writing abilities and why I’ve always wanted to see you dive heavily into it. It’s a gift. You said so much, so well in a short post. You are amazing!


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