Casper The Friendly Hypocrite

Once upon a time, not long ago (HAHA…but seriously it was only like 3 years ago) I got ghosted SUPER hard. By one of the only people I’ve ever really liked. It sucked. A lot.

The night we met, we talked for three hours straight. It was one of those rare, immediate connections that come out of left field. Things were just easy.

And then they weren’t.

Three months in, the slow fade began. Plans got cancelled. Days-long disappearances became normal. Excuses were made…except when an excuse was too much effort…like on my birthday…when he cancelled plans because “he just didn’t feel like getting up and doing anything”…yeah…

We did the birthday hangout thing a few days later though. It was the last time I saw him. Surprised? Of course not. When an excuse is too much effort, it’s probs going downhill fast.

Anyway, Mission: Slow Fade was completed soon after that. I was hurt and pissed and felt everything you’d imagine someone would feel. But I lived. I was eventually able to put things into perspective…and made 2 hilarious/annoying discoveries:

  1. I was pretty much over the whole thing when he first started fading. But I hate losing and being ghosted = losing. In reality, if he hadn’t ghosted me, I more than likely would have done it to him because:
  2. I’M a perpetual ghoster. He was a mirror. Some mirrors come into your life and reflect the beauty you have a hard time seeing in yourself. Some mirrors come and reflect your ugly bs that you avoid seeing. He reflected the ugly bs. I did not like it. Not one bit.

But. BUT…in spite of the Slow Fading Mirror Ghost Story…

I’m desperately trying to ghost someone right now.

It isn’t going well. They don’t seem to be taking the hint. The last person I tried to ghost didn’t either…I think Fade-y McMirror Pants may have ruined my ghosting chops!


He just forced me to have a conscience….which…still ruined my ghosting chops…

So I guess I’ve a gentle let-down to deliver.

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